Landscaping Contractor
in Fort Myers, FL

Transform your backyard into your very own paradise. Are you looking for a quick way to keep your lawn looking green and healthy? Do you need help bringing your dead plants back to life? Want to enjoy the beauty of your home at night? If your answer is affirmative to one or all the questions mentioned, then, it’s time for you to hire a landscaping contractor.

Landscaping Contractor

Maybe you don’t have the time to look after your lawn and landscaping maintenance. Or you just need a bit of help to beautify your garden. No matter the reason, getting some professional care and assistance to maintain your lawn and landscape has multiple benefits. Our landscaper is well-equipped to do all things landscaping. From basic trimming and weeding around trees, flowerbeds, bushes; to pruning shrubs and ornamental trees to installing rocks, lighting and landscaping design. You name it.

beautifully trimmed shrub

A landscape contractor normally has access to a large selection of trees, shrubs, and flowers for you to choose from to sustain your plantings year-round from native Florida plants to exotic ones. They can even recommend suitable plants and trees for your motif and location. For instance, if you are close to the beach, then, they might suggest you to cultivate salt-tolerant plants. In order to achieve the desired landscape artful conception, you can trust your contractor when it comes to spacing the plan, until what size can be kept trimmed, the specific irrigation needs per plants and their sun and shade tolerance and blooming colors and seasons, on how big and how fast the plants will grow, among others.


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Aside from plant selection and landscaping design, a landscape contractor can also perform additional services such as installation of rocks, furnitures, pergolas among other added features that will enhance the beauty and overall appeal of your garden; and setting up lighting, also known as lightscaping to illuminate your outdoor space at night. These are just some of the many services that a landscaper can do to give you the best looking and well-maintained landscape that you could have ever imagined. With their exhaustive tools and services, a landscaper has definitely all that it takes to transform your home and your outdoor space into a slice of heaven.

modern landscape design
beautifully designed and maintained shrub and flowers

When it comes to landscaping maintenance and design, look no further. You’re in the right place. Here at Fort Myers, you can always depend on our exceptional landscaping services that suit any style and budget.

landscape design

Landscaping is an art. It takes skills and professionalism to come up with an amazing landscape design. Redesigning your current landscape is also possible with our landscaping professionals. If you think that your present landscaping is not meeting anymore your expectations, we can help. A little re-work on it is sometimes what it needs so your landscape can turn out into just the way you dreamed it to be. Your dream landscape indeed.

Plants play an essential role to create beautiful Florida landscapes. With our landscape services, our landscapers can determine the best flowers, plants, shrubs & trees that best suit your style and needs. We can suggest which plants to seed down and when to plant it. Plants may include the following: annuals, perennials, butterfly plants, ground covers, wildflowers, vines, shrubs, trees, and palms. Complement your existing landscape scheme with fresh perennials and annuals that will thrive under minimal care and seasonal bloom.

Perennials can add a pop of color and life to your landscape throughout the year. For instance, some summer annuals can run their course while winter annuals are still in standby. By having perennials, they can fill that time period with some color. Hence, perennials are a bonus to your landscaping. They can live several years with rupture of flowers on cyclical patterns.

landscape maintenance

Now, you’ve invested in your landscape. The next concern is how you can preserve its beauty all year round. Keeping your landscape clean, green and healthy is our goal. For a well-manicured lawn and landscape, proper lawn mowing is key.

With our efficient gardening equipment, you are assured that your grass will be cut in a way that will make it look healthier, and cleaner instead of appearing torn and burnout . A healthy grass can help in reducing weeds. Thus, a general rule for cutting your lawn is to at least one-third of the grass only.

Apart from proper cutting, weeding and mulching done properly can extend the life of your plants. And when your plants ‘ lifespan gets extended , it only means two things: more savings in the long run and less overall maintenance obligation.

A professionally maintained landscape will always bring years of enjoyment and consistent elegance. A beautiful landscape includes all the trimmed lawns, mature trees, colorful plants, etc. Managing all of these items and elements in your backyard to look at their best always is a chore. Worry not. When you enlist for your landscape maintenance service with us, keeping your garden in good shape and in good health all the time is the least thing that you should be worried about. 


You can continue to revel in your landscape and property after sunset with the addition of lighting. Lightscaping allows you to light up your home, pathways, trees and plants even at night. Installing lights in your backyard does not only serve for security purposes to deter possible burglary and other criminal activity. Nowadays, lighting also functions to emphasize the glamor of the house, highlighting its unique charm and personality.

Thinking about installing lightscaping? Want to enjoy the beauty of your home even after dark? Lightscaping will let you enjoy your outdoor space with your family, friends and loved ones not just during the day, but during at night or any time of the day as well.

comprehensive landscaping services

Landscaping entails a myriad of services to cater an individual’s style, purpose and necessity. A comprehensive landscaping services include landscape makeover, topsoil services, planting, tree plantation, mulching, cleanups, fertilizations, lighting installation, and so on.

Adding plants for that burst of colors in your garden. Trimming the shrubs and growing trees for a greener and healthier landscape look. Installing LED lights. Re-designing your landscape. These are just some of the landscaping jobs that upon first look, one can consider as a very technical work.